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Continuity: It is crucial to have continuity in care for cancer. Good rapport and understanding each other is crucial for a great doctor-patient relationship. The continuous outer ring of the logo symbolizes that
Care: We believe there is difference in 'treatment' and 'care'. Caring goes beyond just physical aspect of cancer. Care addresses psychosociospiritual issues of not only patient but the whole family unit. Two raised hands symbolize the concept of care. The golden fingers give impression of wings and make the hands look like birds. Good care liberates people from confines of vicissitudes of cancer.

Consulting at:

1. Aurora Specialists Care: Suite 4, Level 6, 55 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy.

2. St Vincent's Private Hospital, Werribee: Consulting suites, 240 Hoppers Lane, Werribee, 3030

3. Moreland Orthopedics and Specialists: 255 Moreland Road, Coburg, 3058


Phone: 03 94160003

Fax: 03 94170009


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