Patient Information

1. How do you make a booking

Please contact on our phone number to make a booking. Our staff may ask questions to decide the urgency of the appointment.

2. Initial Consultation

You will fill up a patient registration form at your first appointment. Please allow time for that. Please bring with you your Medicare card, private health cover details and relevant information regarding your other health conditions, past investigations and medications you take. A standard initial consultation takes approximately 60 minutes and this allows for a good therapeutic relation to start.

3. Review Consultation

A standard review consultation takes approximately 30 minutes and this allows for you to provide an update on your medical condition to Dr Shah and for him to provide the necessary information to you regarding any changes to your condition.

4. Referral Letter

You will need your referring doctor to provide a letter of referral to Dr Shah (a Medicare Australia requirement). Ideally, this referral can be faxed to the consulting rooms at the time of the appointment booking and the original either mailed or brought by the patient to the initial consultation.

5. Communication With Referring Doctors

Your information will be treated confidentially and your privacy respected. At times, Dr. Shah may need to discuss your case with other health care providers and will write to your local GP and other specialists informing them of any discussion and treatments that may be required. If you do not wish this to occur or would like to add specific doctors to the mailing list please discuss this with us.

6.  Fees

There will be an out of pocket expense for seeing Dr Shah in the consulting rooms as an outpatient. Dr Shah does not have an above gap out of pocket expense for inpatients covered by private health insurance. You may be required to pay an excess fee to the hospital for your health fund for admissions to hospital depending on the level of private health cover you have. Please ask about the consulting fees when making your appointment or at your first visit if you have any concerns.

7. Contacting Dr Shah

Dr Shah will be sharing an annual leave on-call roster with a team of medical oncologists, providing patients with year round 24 hour care. Sharing the responsibility for the care of patients ensures you get the care needed whilst allowing the Doctors time with their families and to keep well. The opening hours for the consulting suites will be from 9am to 4 pm. Please call during these hours for all non-urgent enquiries. Outside these hours, for more urgent matters, please call Dr Shah on his mobile number located on his business card which will be provided to you at your initial consultation. If Dr Shah is unavailable his voice message will inform you of the covering Doctor’s name and contact number.