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  • 20/03/2018: I have started consulting in northern suburbs of Melbourne in Coburg and Bundoora to provide oncology services to patients in the area closer to their homes. I have moved the consulting space to new St Vincent's private hospital in Werribee. It is pleasing to see that patients from western suburbs can have infusional treatment for chemotherapy, blood transfusion, iron infusion etc closer to home now without needing to cross the bridge.

  • 10/04/14: Expressive writing: Writing personal journey with cancer can have implications beyond journalling your experience. Recent study in patients with advanced kidney cancer showed that it reduces anxiety and improves coping with cancer. In fact, writing down emotions or experiences for family has been used as 'Dignity therapy' at the end of life in certain palliative care services. It creates 'Legacy' for surviving family and generations to come. It can be in the form of audiotaping as well. One of my patients recently did that for her family. That takes away some of existential angst from end of life experience.

  • 28/01/13: I have started consuling from Wyndham Specialist Care Centre in Werribee. I am aware that western Melbourne is developing quickly as a growth corridor with rapid population expansion. But the healthcare services are not keeping pace with population growth. Still lots of patients with cancer need to travel to city for even consultations. I think availability of oncology consultations locally would be in interest of western Melbourne community.

  • 12/01/13: It is high time that the stigma towards lung cancer is removed. It is not a self inflicted cancer in all the cases. They deserve equal attention and care as other cancers. Please see this link.

  • 12/12/12: I enjoyed the health talk session on Indian Link radio on 11/12/12. I do think that the level of information about cancer risk factors and screening is appalingly low. In fact, there is a lot of misinformation and myths. I tried to impart some information about breast cancer. We talked about mammograms, early signs and resources for more information. I also emphasized optimistic outlook with early diagnosis of cancer. There is going to be a series of talks. Next one is continuing the women's health theme. It would be on 13/12/12 at 8 pm. That would be about gynecological cancers.

  • 01/12/12: I was invited for this interesting interview in Medical Journal of Australia. It explored the scope of practice of medical oncology, its excitement and challenges. I poured feelings from my heart. I hope it would make a good reading.